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About the Group

A place to find information about the East Dulwich CSA Support circle, who we are and who we're for.

Who the Group is for

The group is for 18+ females only.


This group is a support group and not a therapeutic group.

If you do not fall under that age and/or identity, or you want a more therapeutic focussed group , please take a look at the Resources page for signposting.

Costs & Booking

There is no fee to attend the support circle but a pay-what-you-can donation is requested. All donations will go towards funding the hiring of the hall and anything left over will be used for our refreshments. 

Numbers are limited for each meeting to keep the space safe and not too intimidating so please use the form on the Meetings page to register interest for which dates you'd like to attend.

Sharing and supporting

It is really important to know that nobody is ever under pressure to share. Work at your own pace.

Recognising and understanding that we all have similar experiences is important, but that does not mean we all have had the same experiences. The group respects and values those differences alongside the things we all have in common. 


The group is facilitated by lived experience practitioner Joey Flower, MBACP.

Even though the facilitator supports the group, they are still part of the group. There is no hierarchy - we are all equals who listen and share at our own pace.

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